New Datacentre for Hosting Clients

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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If you've been past the Internetrix HQ at night this month, you might have noticed the lights on even later than usual. That’s because we’ve been in the process of performing a massive upgrade to our hosting capacity, which will result in faster and more reliable services for our hosted website, database and email services. Good news for our hundreds of hosting clients!

Migrating servers is like moving a town full of people while they sleep in their homes. It means picking the whole neighbourhood up, transporting it – in our case about 100km – and making sure they don’t notice a thing! This kind of task requires strong planning, some heavy lifting and a lot of work. We’re excited to announce that the move is almost complete, with only a few clients twigging that something was going on.

The new hosting setup is now located in Harris Street, Pyrmont, where most of the big Australian internet connections intersect. The facility boasts 24/7 manned security control room, the kind of vehicle barriers you see outside embassies and a combination of CCTV, glass and door sensors covering all access paths.

Climate Controlled and backed up...

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