New Client - Tranby College

Posted 15 years ago by Internetrix

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Our new client profile this month is Tranby Aboriginal College, Australia's oldest and most respected independent Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander education centre. Established in 1957 at the Sydney suburb of Glebe by Reverend Alf Clint and the Australian Board of Missions (Anglican), and independently managed since 1962, Tranby has been at the forefront of Indigenous education for almost half a century.

Internetrix is excited to have been chosen by Tranby Aboriginal College for the redevelopment of their website, which will result in a better looking, easier to manage, and more functional tool for the organisation.

"Tranby Aboriginal College's approach to education is very community focused", explains College Director, Paul Knight. "We bring students in from all over the Australia, and they study in a practical and culturally appropriate format while aiming and achieving the high standards expected of vocational education providers in Australia today". It is the community focused aspect of the learning which makes the website such an important tool for the College. "Our students study at Tranby in a residential block release programme. This brings them on campus a week at a time 6 times per year, before returning to their communities and sharing and applying what they've learned," Paul continues, "and the website is an important part of helping them keep in touch with the College and other students after they've left our Glebe training facilities".

Hand in hand with the website project, Tranby College is also undertaking a major IT systems refit. "We're going completely to Linux," explains Craige McWhirter, the technical consultant assisting Tranby College in their refit. "This will reduce the costs to the operation, but, more importantly, will enable us, with the help of our sponsors and government, to set up internet connected facilities in the many remote and regional locations our students come from".

With the website currently under development, stay tuned to find out more in the near future.