The Wash-up - MyDoom Aftermath

Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

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Many of you would have received our virus alerts late last month regarding the threat posed by the MyDoom virus as it spread around the world. Now the dust has settled, it is clear just how extensive the infections were.

The recent MyDoom virus infected around 600 000 computers around the world, demonstrating the ease with which simple viruses can affect the Internet. It is yet another reminder that users should NEVER open suspicious emails from any unknown source.

Once infected, this virus sent out loads of emails with itself as an attachment, and opens ports into your computer that hackers can use to gain access to your computer. Subsequent versions of the MyDoom virus took advantage of the systems compromised by the first version. One example of "repeat offence" like this was the use of infected machines to cover any trail of evidence leading to the initial author; by posting the source code to the virus on millions of infected machines around the world, he/she made it much harder for prosecutors and reward seekers to find them.

This type of virus propagates only when a user opens or runs the attachment that is contained in the email. Opening the email won't infect the computer; the user must run, open or click on the attachment.

In order to protect yourself from email viruses like the MyDoom virus, (also know as the Novarg worm), we urge you to have antivirus software installed and to keep your virus definitions up to date. Internetrix uses Symantec antivirus software, and if kept up to date, it is very effective at blocking viruses.

Since this story was first published, the MyDoom.F virus has been reported as spreading in the wild. A similar virus, known as Netsky has also been circulating