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In today’s world, the way users are using devices is constantly changing. Mobile usage is on the rise as more and more digital users move their usage time away from desktops and tablets. As a marketer, designer or business owner, it is important to understand how device usage trends are moving and how different users interact with different types of content. Many organisations do not recognise the need for varying content for different device types, and hence are unintentionally delivering poor user experiences for many users. For example, research has shown that nearly half of online consumers make purchases using smartphones but aren’t receiving a satisfactory experience!?


Based on research by our User Experience Analytics partners, Clicktale, mobile users are found to have a very different ‘mindset’ to that of other device users such as desktop. The differential in what engages users between alternate devices is massive, with mobile users being 35% more drawn to entertainment-based content compared to educational or informational items. Mobile users show a heavy preference for fast, functional content and succinct mobile user journeys. For online marketers and designers, this highlights how crucial quick decision items, showing clearance promotions and coupon items as big mobile content opportunity items.

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The importance of prioritising individual experiences.

The use of a mobile phone is an extremely personal, and individually-centric behaviour. For online businesses, this means that providing personalised experiences for each and every customer is more important than ever before. With the sharp uplift in mobile usage over the past decade, online businesses have become more aware of the importance of making websites reactive and flexible for mobile, however Clicktale’s recent research shows that this conversation needs to go even deeper.

By understanding digital users’ mindsets and intents, businesses can tailor their sites to address the individual needs of different customer segments and device usage types. By developing a focus on delivering positive user experiences across different device types, businesses have the ability to improve user experiences, build better customer-brand relationships, and improve marketing ROI.

You can check out the full research piece around human behaviour and smartphone usage by Clicktale and The Wharton School here.

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