Meta Tags & SEO

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Another common belief is that meta tags will increase website rankings, but this isn't necessarily true. As we've mentioned before, meta tags are HTML elements in the code of a website - they're bits of (normally hidden) information about the information in the page. The information in meta tags is used to communicate information that website visitors are generally not concerned with.

Often websites put key words about the site in these tags in an attempt to get noticed by the search engines. While SEO experts have been known to disagree over whether meta tags actually work, most experts dismiss the notion that meta tags actually help. Since numerous site owners use meta tags with irrelevant content, search engines such as Google have learned to ignore them. While they might have had an important part to play in the past, the increased in the network speed and computing power available to search companies mean they no longer tend to trust these summaries by webmasters, and instead form their own opinions.