Internetrix ranks in Top 15 Australia Wide

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix Interactive Designer, David Clarke, was this month certified as a 'Macromedia Flash MX Developer', one of only 14 professionals in Australia to earn this demanding level of accreditation in the internet's leading interactive development tool.

IT certifications validate a candidate's knowledge and skill in a specific topic or product. Certifications fill a gap between the theoretical yet benchmarked knowledge gained through university courses and the practical but hard to validate practical knowledge of the workplace. This certification independently identifies the people and companies that can "do the job" using the most powerful tools for interactive online development.
The Macromedia Certification demonstrates the specialized knowledge and skills required to effectively develop and deploy high-quality applications with Macromedia technology. Macromedia are the unquestioned leader in the internet software tools market - they provide the technology that enables companies like Internetrix to keep pushing the internet forward. Having a high level of certification in Macromedia products further demonstrates the professionalism of the Internetrix team.

"I found the exam to be a challenging and comprehensive review of my acquired knowledge and development skills. Macromedia's prerequisites for the test were quite extensive (including XML, OOP, remoting, communications server, and advanced Actionscript). I found this broad selection represents a demanding but accurate account of the skills necessary to be a true professional in this field, and is possibly one reason so few developers have been able to pass this level of certification" said David Clarke.

We thought it was important to have this kind of certification in place to separate Internetrix from the many 'fly by night' operators who have been such a feature of IT over the last few years. This Certification puts us in the Top 15 companies in Australia for using the tools that the best companies use - and that's independent validation. With less than 400 companies worldwide with this Certification, it is extra reinforcement of the confidence our clients have of our quality and skills.