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Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Update March 14th: The original article written below was for the 2006/07 Ashes. Now that the World Cup is underway it appears that there will be internet streaming coverage available around the world. The list of television and radio broadcasters around the world is available here...

The ABC in Australia is listed on the broadcasting page above, although the first Australia v Scotland match does not appear to be available. Stay tuned for more updates through out the tournament. Expect that better coverage will be available once the pool matches end.

For those with Fox Sports in Australia, their World Cup area is available here...


With the start of the most anticipated Australia verse England Ashes Test series finally underway it seemed appropriate to find out what was available to those of us who are desk bound and not satisfied with a simple score ticker updating once in a while in the corner of the browser window or scoreboard applet.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is synonymous with radio coverage of cricket in Australia. With no advertisment breaks and a cast of familiar characters and voices there is many an Australian who will mute Channel 9, switch on the radio and listen to the ABC radio commentary while watching the TV coverage.

Thankfully for all Australian fans who are located in Australia, the ABC is streaming the 2006/07 Ashes Test matches live onto the Internet.

During the test matches the ABC live commentary is streaming right here....

There is however a catch in that the ABC only has rights to broadcast in Australia, so therefore they have IP tracking in place to try and determine whether you are in fact based in Australia.

Every computer on the Internet has an IP address ( in a format similar to that example. If the IP address which you are connected to the Internet, does not pass the IP location test a simple sorry we can't let you listen error page is shown. There is no simple trick or way around this.

For those English fans who don't have access to the TV at home, thankfully the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has their commentary available too, again available only to IP addresses located in the UK.

During the Test matches the BBC Five Live commentary is available right here....

The fact that the radio commentary from both the ABC and BBC is available free of charge on the Internet provides further evidence of how the Internet is changing the face of radio and television. Earlier in 2006 we released articles on The TV Revolution and how Radio is Changin'

For those of you who can see the ABC and BBC sites, but find your internet connection is not fast enough to get quality streaming, other tips and tricks include digging out of the draw your mobile phone earphones and using the seldom used radio functionality that most mobile handsets now provide, or simply plugging in a real radio and tuning it to your local ABC frequency.

If you have any further suggestions on Ashes Cricket coverage via the Internet please get in touch with us.