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In September Internetrix co-hosted a Google Analytics User Conference in Sydney.Learn_more_about_Google_Analytics_image_1

It was such a success – with so much positive feedback from our clients who attended – that we’ve started Google Analytics Training Courses for our clients.

There are Beginners, Advanced and highly tailored Reporting courses designed to help people use Google Analytics more effectively and understand its far-reaching capabilities, so that they can better analyse the traffic to their website and digital platforms.

The course is run by our Online Performance Manager Michael David and our Search and Conversion Analyst Itwik Joshi.

The courses cater for a maximum six people, who attend one two-hour class each week for six weeks at our Wollongong office. The first courses are already underway and will finish in mid-December, with the next round due to start in February.

Internetrix has a long history with Google Analytics. In 2007 we were the second company in Australia (and the 26th globally) to become a Google Analytics Certified Partner, and that partnership has been a major factor in building our national and international client base.

So we were honoured to co-host (with LovesData) Australia’s first Google Analytics User Conference in Sydney. Google sent four world-class experts, two from its Australian office, one from Singapore and one from the US, to present at the conference. They included keynote speaker Justin Cutroni, from Google in the US. Justin is considered a global analytics guru at Google so we were thrilled that he was able to attend.

Michael David and Daniel Rowan also presented on behalf of Internetrix.

The conference attracted 135 delegates, including many Internetrix clients. Afterwards everyone was buzzing about what they’d learned and the possibilities that can open up for improving their business when they really analyse and understand what is happening on their website.

Lots of people wanted to know more, so we’ve started the training courses to cater for them. And you don’t have to be computer expert to attend the courses. All you need is an interest in improving your company’s online performance.

The Beginners course is designed to get you started, while the Advanced and Reporting course naturally caters for people who are looking for much deeper knowledge of how Google Analytics works.

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