Launching EBA Lawyers

Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

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Recently Internetrix welcomed Canberra-based legal firm Elrington Boardman Allport Lawyers as a new client. This month, the new and improved website went live. Elrington Boardman Allport has provided legal services to clients for over 100 years. The firm began in Queanbeyan and Yass in 1897 - before Federation and well before Canberra became the National Capital and has established a reputation for integrity, competence, common sense and reliability.

With extensive information about their services, partners and various offices, the new EBA Lawyers website has already proven to be a valuable resource for clients and associates of the firm. Driven by Freestyle, the staff at EBA Lawyers are most excited about their ability to maintain the site themselves. "We've been able to make numerous changes to the content of the site already after looking at how it presents on the screen - this much control is a big improvement on our last website, and we couldn't get by without it now" explains Ellen Wells, Manager at EBA Lawyers.

Recognising the nature of their clients to print out information for detailed review, EBA Lawyers have taken advantage of one of the newest tricks in the Internetrix book - printing a web-page results in a different layout on paper than on the website. "This is a great advantage, as often, when you print websites, you loose the words on the edge of the page because they don't quite fit," explains Anabel Ball, IT Co-ordinator. "This way, we can be print friendly without making people reload pages, and make sure we get our message across every time."

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