Launch: Wollcom's debt tracking system

Posted 15 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix is happy to announce the launch of the Wollcom Credit Management client debt tracking system and website.

Wollcom is a licensed collection agency that offers debt collection and credit management services. With a heavy focus on personalised service, Wollcom wanted to further boost customer service levels.

"Wollcom had no web presence at all," said David McGrath, Wollcom's General Manager. "I wanted to help establish a web presence and simplify some processes. I knew from my experience in a previous role, that interactive software was available for debt collection agencies, but it was just matter of introducing it."

So Internetrix came on board, creating a new website with a custom designed debt tracking system that lets clients login and track the status of payments made by their debtors.

While the new website serves as a marketing tool that presents the company's professional image and supports clean, simple and effective branding, the real excitement surrounds the online customer debt tracking system.

Simplifying the debt recovery process, the application manages the collection, notification and communication. "We classify ourselves as a boutique agency as we offer a personal touch combined with a national presence," David said. "Our direct competitors have websites, but not advanced debt tracking features. In this field we stand alone."

Clients can now login to a personalised section of the site that houses the details of the debts that Wollcom is chasing on their behalf. Using the 24-hour system, clients can login to view a list of currently actioned debts as well as view payment history. The debt tracking application even notifies Wollcom if details change in relation to debts or if a debtor makes a payment directly to a client.

"The debt tracking system has benefits for us and our clients. From the client perspective the process is simple. For Wollcom it's been great from a sales perspective as we can now go out and sit down with our clients and give them a test run of the application to show them what it can do. It is definitely translating to sales."

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