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Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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This month Internetrix is proud to announce the launch of a major project the new Newspoll website!

Newspoll is Australia's premier omnibus provider and leading public opinion polling company. Established in 1985 as a joint venture between News Limited and Yann Campbell Hoare Wheeler (now Millward Brown Australia), Newspoll offers a full range of high quality quantitative market research services including customised research of consumer and business markets.

Newspoll clients use its services for market and advertising tracking, market sizing and brand usage, customer profiles, new product feasibility, reader studies and even public opinion. While you may not have heard of Newspoll directly, its polls are often highlighted in Australian media, giving the latest facts, trends and opinions on issues such as politics, health risks, consumer spending and more.

The company needed a new website with a more professional aesthetic, improved navigation and a way for clients to more easily access statistics on given topics within given time frames.

"Our previous website was outdated and the programming old and no longer supported. It was also costly to maintain as much of the maintenance could only be done by our supplier." said Newspoll's Special Projects Manager Donna Ralfe. "We wanted more flexibility with the content management and updating the old site was time consuming and frustrating."

To solve these problems, Newspoll approached Internetrix. The new website is a massive improvement.

Today subtle Flash navigation on the homepage ensures a professional aesthetic. Breadcrumbs and dynamic sub-navigation make it easy for users to move around the site.

An advanced search engine ensures that website visitors can always find what they are looking for, giving them detailed search ability to search polling results based on date, topic, keyword, state and more.

But to really move forward, Newspoll needed a way to ensure that web content was easy to update and maintain. So in addition to redesigning the site, Internetrix also implemented Freestyle. The content management system's web-based interface allows non-technical Newspoll staff to easily publish content to the website.

"We now have several staff able to update the content and the polling information. It is no longer just limited to skilled staff" explained Donna.

This polling side involves a trend loading system that lets Newspoll staff to present polling results in simple, searchable formats, such as adding rows, modifying headings and otherwise updating trend information.

The new Newspoll website is an authoritative step towards providing a more efficient, user-friendly experience for all its clients.

"The new site gives us a lot more freedom and is much quicker to update. Changes are now instant giving us an edge". Donna said. "No longer are we so reliant on a third party."

The new website is available here at