Internetrix Selected For State Government ICT Panel

Posted 11 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix has solidified its position as a national supplier of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services by being accepted onto the NSW Department of Commerce's ICT Services Approved Supplier Panel - Contract 2020.

The ICT Services Approved Supplier Panel (2020) is an initiative of the NSW Department of Commerce and seeks to manage over $90 million per year of NSW Government spend in ICT services.

Admittance to the panel followed a gruelling selection process. Internetrix's products and services were scrutinised by government officials over a nine month period to ensure they met the government's high standards.

"Being on the panel has meant that we can provide ICT services for basically any organisation whose title starts with 'department'," Internetrix's General Manager, Daniel Rowan, confirmed. "We're quite proud of our achievement, it's really cemented us as a market leader in what we do, and we look forward to engaging more closely with departments throughout the NSW State Government."

This ground breaking new contract aims at increasing transparency and competition by giving government buyers the ability to view information on approved suppliers' capabilities, performance and experience and request multiple quotes at a time via a specially designed ePortal.

"The new ePortal is great because it provides a real time electronic connection between us and government buyers and reduces transaction times," said Mr. Rowan.

"We pride ourselves on being transparent for all our customers but that was often quite difficult in the past with State Government departments, now we're able to provide them with the same service and transparency we currently provide to the private sector."