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Posted 7 years ago by Internetrix

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We have recently established a dedicated research division, Internetrix Research, with two key objectives. Firstly, it will allow us to provide clients with an additional free service with information about the latest trends and technologies in our industry. And just as importantly, staff involvement in the research projects will keep us at the cutting edge of those developments.

Michael David is heading up the research project, and he and his team have already produced two White Papers on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that will be the start of regular reports for our clients.

SEO WHITE PAPER: Google and its competitors are constantly updating their search engine rules. Michael and Internetrix business analyst Christie Cassar have analysed the latest changes and come up with strategies for companies to improve their organic rankings in 2013. Read the SEO White Paper

SEM WHITE PAPER: Pay-per-click Search Engine Marketing is becoming an increasingly important tool for companies marketing online. But if you are paying the search engine company every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you want to know it is reaching the right audience – for example by targeting a particular geographical location. Michael and Itwik Joshi have researched what is possible using SEM and developed tools and strategies to help our clients improve performance and win more customers. Read the SEM White Paper