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Imagine if you had to pay for the whole production line when you wanted to buy a car! Sure, you would be able to specify exactly the dimensions of the car, how it would drive, etc, but at $20 million, not many of us could afford one.

When you apply this productised theory to e-business development services, you get the Internetrix e-business suite.

This series of products is developed to fulfil base clients needs of CRM (Customer Relationship Management, including electronic newsletters, online registrations, complaints and feedback processes), Project Management (a system for managing jobs among teams on a global scale, including customers), Product and Service listing systems, Order Processing and Management Services, Real Time Business Intelligence and even Account Processing systems.

Like all Internetrix solutions, these products take advantage of the internet as a communications tool and a programming environment, freeing you from your desktop and allowing you and your suppliers, customers, colleagues and shareholders to operate collaboratively from anywhere in the world, using computers, mobile phones and more.

Provided using the cash-flow friendly ASP model, we only charge a small setup fee (compared to traditional development costs), and then charge a monthly usage fee, which is similar to hosting.

If you are interested in discussing how these new products may be able to benefit your business, please reply to this email and contact us today.

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