Internetrix Offers M-Commerce Services

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix is proud to annouce we are now able to offer clients m-commerce services developed wholly "in house". Key components of our e-business system are now functional through any WAP enabled mobile phone, which means our staff can check meeting times and locations, client details and domain name registration status anywhere with their mobile phones.

M-Commerce is conducting business using e-commerce over a highly mobile device, such as a mobile phone.

The following is a grab and link from the ZDNet weekly update:
M-commerce Special: Coming soon to a mobile near you
What are m-commerce players doing to overcome the poor usability, trust, security and fulfilment issues that have so far made most online shopping mechanisms a chore, and what's in store for mobile consumers in the future?

The big problem with this tag is the same as the problem with the initial tenative e-commerce concepts - everyone is looking the wrong way.

Like the beginnings of e-commerce, everyone has focused on the consumer, and the transaction nature of shopping. This brings into the picture problems such as transaction trust, cost of access and having to change the buying habits of a large group.

As with e-commerce, the people who will make m-commerce work will be targeted B2B operators, or companies using systems "in-house" to increase their efficiency. Computers, the Internet and E-Commerce are all just tools to aid a business, and while the concept of developing a whole new industry or a whole new product offering on the basis of new technology is romantic, it is very high risk and low return in most cases.

M-commerce, like e-commerce, is not just for start-ups with an idea and no idea how to make money from it. M-Commerce is for your business to help you find new and valuable ways to run your business and service your customers.

For a demonstration of the Internetrix m-commerce offerings and our current working system which we acutally USE in our business (unlike most other e-commerce and m-commerce solutions which are hardly used), please don't hestiate to reply this email or call us on 02 4228 6464.

These kinds of solutions are particularly applicable for any organisation which seeks to maintain strong communications with mobile operatives, such as sales people on the road. Now, for the cost of a phone, you can acheive many of the things that previously required a laptop and communications suite.