Introducing Internetrix:Insight

What is the most significant thing you’re going to do in your business this year to grow your success? If your answer is in any way related to your customers, this is an event you can’t afford to miss.

After asking many of our clients about their challenges in taking advantage of internet application in their businesses, the consistent feedback was that they struggled to understand what is out there – the pace of technology change makes it just too hard to keep up on their own. As a result, we’ve created Internetrix : Insight, a regular seminar series devoted to providing insight and experiences into internet technology with a focus on business issues.

Come along to the first Internetrix : Insight seminar at 4:30pm on the 25th of January, and in a short presentation, hear how Bible Society NSW gained a return on investment of more than 2000% in just two years, thanks to a business restructure and improvements in their donor management systems.

Two years ago, Bible Society NSW was using an aging donor management system. Originally DOS based, and then upgraded to Windows, the system tracked their customers – donors – and was the source of their direct mail and accounting processes. Unfortunately, the success of Bible Society NSW outstripped the functionality of the system, and staff found it taking around 3 days to produce an appeal mail-out to their donors. Processing incoming donations and pledges was a massive headache, and reports about the performance of the direct-mail department – the main finance source of the organisation – were vague and delayed by the need for extensive collation and calculation.

If you want to grow you business while reducing your costs, and dramatically increasing customer service, this seminar is for you. Places are strictly limited, and to RSVP for this free event – which includes nibbles and drinks from 4:30pm – don’t delay; contact Internetrix today to reserve your place.

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