Internetrix in the Media: The Australian

Posted 11 days ago by Taner Oksuzsoy

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Internetrix in the Media: The Australian

The recent ban on Australian news by Facebook has disrupted how many businesses operate and communicate and uncovered the dependencies that many businesses have on Facebook.

A recent article in The Australian tackled the question of “where to next for businesses reliant on sharing their information via Facebook?”.

As a leader in custom web technology, Internetrix was approached to provide comment on how communities and businesses could better leverage custom software solutions to avoid reliance on social media outlets.

Internetrix Managing Director, Daniel Rowan, promoted that alternative solutions could easily be built with the firepower and expertise that sits within the local Australian technology industry.

All of the features that you’ve got on Facebook, a thumbs up and resharing, commenting, all of that can be seamlessly done in the browser.


Internetrix Managing Director, Daniel Rowan, posing next to a computer


It (a portal) can be a place that joins business, pleasure, food and emergency and government services, all in one spot. Rather than going through an American social media network, it would offer the equivalent, or something similar in concept, but be more of a localised portal.

Further questions can be asked like: What does an Australian created and owned internet/social media look like? Why are Australian businesses so reliant on American internet/software technologies?

Internetrix will continue to raise similar questions to fuel meaningful discussion, especially when it’s related to our area of expertise. We’re always looking to the future and how, as a technology company, we can use our resources to benefit the wider Australian community.

Internetrix was excited to be recognised as a leader in the custom web development space, following on from our most recent innovative web portal projects including Law Compliance, H.Parsons and the Transport NSW Opal Pass Day Online Ordering System.

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