Internetrix How to Maximize Your Web Presence Newsletter

Posted 10 years ago by Internetrix

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This is the first of an ongoing series of monthly newsletters focusing on how to maximize your web presence and improve ROI through you online operations. Internetrix staff recently attended the Google Analytics Masterclass held in Sydney and were amazed at the amount of information that can be derived freely through a variety of relatively unknown Google tools. These tools can be used to help support your Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing efforts. The articles in this newsletter focus on how to select optimal keywords to boost SEO and SEM, as well helping you to identify sites that are most significant to your brand and the audience you want to target when advertising online.

Your probably asking why is this important ? – Well it is of the upmost importance if you are looking to drive visitors to your site, convert them into leads and maximize ROI. Having a high organic search engine ranking as well as running effectively targeted and optimized marketing advertisements can mean the difference between having a highly successful online business and a candidate for bankruptcy.

So read the following articles and find out how you can use some free unknown Google Tools to help you ‘Maximize Your Web Presence’

  • Double Click Ad Planner
  • Google Insights for Search
  • YouTube
  • Google Wonderwheel and Timeline