Internetrix Goes Chinese

Posted 13 years ago by Internetrix

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You'd have to be in your own little world to have missed all the recent commentary about the growth and business opportunity associated with the Chinese market. While China is for many the world's factory, its levels of internet take up are growing by almost a quarter per year, and almost as many Chinese have broadband connections as Americans.

After Internetrix took an initial trip to the ICT Expo in Hong Kong in 2005, we decided in late 2006 to get serious about the market, and set about translating and developing a Chinese version of our core products - Freestyle, Affinity and Gravity initially. With the help from some very talented native Chinese speakers, we are now able to deliver a translated version of our applications, providing a fully multi-lingual framework in what is arguably one of the most complex language sets for computers to handle.

In addition to our products, we have also translated our website - excluding the back-catalogue of news stories - and were proud to launch these efforts when we exhibited again this year at the 2007 ICT Expo in Hong Kong.

Since the launch at the Expo we have been in discussions with a number of prospective partners in the HK and mainland Chinese markets, and hope to announce formal relationships in the not too distant future. If you, or someone you know is active in a consulting, system integration or internet development capacity in the Hong Kong or Chinese markets, and they're interested in discussing partnership opportunities, we would be grateful for a connection to explore ways in which we can work together.

If you're keen to check out our Hong Kong and Chinese sites, visit or, and if you're interested in finding out more about our applications - in Chinese, or English, or other languages, please don't hesitate to contact us. Additionally, if you're looking at getting involved in the Chinese market, and the thought of registering foreign domain names or setting up multi-lingual sites, we can certainly help you out.