Internetrix Gets Government Funding

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix is thrilled to announce we have been awarded government funding to further develop Internetrix--Australia's first fully online Development Application process.

Late last month, in conjunction with Shellharbour City Council and Strathfield Municipal Council, Internetrix was granted a share of AusIndustry's recent distribution of $40 million from the Regulation Reduction Incentive Fund (RRIF).

RRIF is the Australian Federal Government's merit-based grant system created to encourage local governments to establish regulatory and compliance reforms that will benefit small business by removing or reducing 'red tape' and other such burdens.

Of RRIF's original $40 million the Federal government allocated $7 million specifically towards enabling development applications to be made over the internet, thus reducing planning strain on NSW's 152 local councils.

Internetrix, Shellharbour and Strathfield will put the $178,000 awarded towards reducing the time small businesses spend interacting with Council by further enhancing Internetrix eDA--which is already is use at Shellharbour and currently being implemented at Strathfield.

And Internetrix eDA is already steps ahead.

While other local systems allow development applications to track progress of their application online, only Internetrix eDA has progressed to the point where constituents can actually lodge, as well as track, development applications online--greatly increasing productivity for both applicants and council staff.

According to a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, "The University of New England has described Shellharbour's system as the most impressive and cutting-edge technology in the planning field."

Using the RRIF funding, Internetrix will further enhance eDA to include 11 other business certificates and requests, enhancement of the DA process, online self-auditing of waste management and online fire safety scheduling.