Internetrix Deploys Automatic Invoicing

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

Less than a minute to read

Internetrix took another step down the path of e-business utopia by automating the process of invoice creation through our e-business system.

Now, invoicing tasks, such as hosting, project development milestones and more, can be invoiced straight out of our system. There are two benefits for you, our clients;

The first benefit is that you can check your account status online.

The second is that invoices can be delivered to you via email, saving time and hassle associated with paper, and the inaccuracies associates with faxes. And, if you get the invoice delivered to your mail account, you can simply press forward to send it to the accounts department - no more mucking around.

Watch this space over the coming months as we develop automated payments systems and a more comprehensive account summary process. Importantly, if your business is looking to improve the speed and efficiency with which you handle the dispatching of invoices and you are keen to encourage your clients to be able to check account balances online, this is just another area where Internetrix can help.