Internetrix being accredited by Google

Posted 13 years ago by Internetrix

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In our last dispatch we were proud to announce that we had recently joined the Google Analytics Authorised Consultant panel - an elite 26 group of global companies, aimed at providing expertise and advice with the approval of Google. In the conversations and explanations regarding Google Analytics and our accreditation since the news broke, there have been some familiar aspects to the questions we have been asked.

Google has the world's dominant search engine and has managed to monetise their technology by providing keyword advertising with Adwords. The Google Adwords program allows any business the ability to position a small 4 line advertising banner next to any keyword of your choice. If a competitor or another business decides to advertise on the same keyword then who ever pays more for the click through from Google to their website has the higher ranking. Adwords has been a raging success, and in Q1 of 2007 accounted for over 900 million USD of the 1.1 billion revenue that Google raised. With access to mountains of cash, Google has been able to successfully hire the world's smartest people and acquire companies to ensure aggressive growth and success in the products and features that they offer.

With keyword advertising providing business with the ability to drive traffic into specific products and services website pages, the ability to turn your site from brochureware into an effective sales and lead generation tool is now a real and achievable goal for every one of us.

Setting up a keywords campaign, and having Analytics installed to ensure transparency and close analysis of those visitors movements is possible. Understanding and developing effective landing pages that are specific to the keyword banner audience you are targeting is an achievable outcome. Extend the efforts further and it is possible to use multiple versions of those landing pages to ensure that you can try different hooks and angles to try and get that lead or sale. To successfully achieve some of these outcomes is an art that requires more than signing up and accessing the various Google tools.

Every business wants healthy and effective revenue streams across a diverse range of products and services. The Google tools provide the ability to achieve access to new and vibrant sales and lead generation channels. With the Google stamp of approval, you can be sure Internetrix offers high calibre expertise, advice and implementation techniques.