Internetrix: A Website Optimizer Technology Partner

Internetrix, one of only six companies globally, has been selected by Google to join the exclusive new Google Website Optimizer Technology Partner program. 

Website Optimizer, a product released by Google around a year ago, helps webmasters and marketers improve or optimize the performance of their website. Instead of making guesses about the headlines, buttons, text, page layouts and feature images get the best conversions on your website, Website Optimizer provides a free and an easy to use tool that actually tests different combinations of your pages in real time. Based on the results of these experiments, you can adjust your message, content and layout to get the most out of your online investment.

Freestyle's accreditation is largely a result of its new Experiment module, which makes it even easier for webmasters and marketers to implement experiments. Drawing on Freestyle's famed ease of use, the Experiment module allows users to modify and adapt their web pages quickly and easily without any technical knowledge or coding at all.

For more information about this partnership between Google and Internetrix, including a video from our Managing Director which explains the interaction in more detail, please check out the Freestyle Optimizer.

To see our listing on Google's website, check out the Google Technology Partner page.

If you like what you see, you can also sign up for a demo from our Freestyle page, or request a quote.

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