Internet Phone Calls Arrive for Business

I remember the first time I ever used the internet. It was at the University of Wollongong, and I’d been taken by a curious father to see this amazing new thing in a public demonstration of the internet. It was using the old Netscape 2 browsers, and we were amazed to be able to look at photos of distant galaxies on one of the only impressive websites back in 1994 –

The thing that struck me the most as a young teenager was how we could be accessing the other side of the world, and that there were no long-distance fees to pay. Unlike the telephone, the internet seemed to be international, without any extra cost for accessing a website in California than one around the corner. I think it was then that I first wondered how great it would be to use the internet as a phone, and take advantage of that same “free” access.

Well, after about a decade, the internet phone calls, and the cost savings they deliver, have finally arrived as a professional, high quality, business grade level, and you – yes, you – can take advantage of it today.

The technology – known as Voice over IP or VoIP – is one of those “hyped to death” technologies which has promised much over the last few years, but delivered little until now. With the launch of it’s eCall product, Comindico is one of the first players in the world to offer a high grade VoIP service to business customers anywhere in Australia.

Comindico can do this because they’ve spent the last few years building network points of presence (POPs) less than 1km from every significant phone exchange in the country. This means they can route a traditional voice phone call off their internet network, and into the regular phone network for the cost of a local call. This extensive and interconnected range, combined with their unique methods hooking traditional phone networks up to their internet or IP network, means they can route phone calls made from a local call exchange or internet connection over the internet to anywhere in the country, or the world.

So, technology aside, what’s the bottom line? Well, by using eCall, you can experience 7.5c/minute to anywhere in the country that would previously have been seen as long-distance. Mobile calls are only 27c/minute, and this will probably come down in the future thanks to ACCC action to lower carrier terminating charges. Local calls are only 12c, slightly above the wholesale cost.

It's surprisingly easy for you to take advantage of this great new technology - almost any business can get into it almost immediately. There are two ways to get amongst it.

  • Via your internet connection – if you’ve got broadband internet that is of a business grade (i.e., not the home ADSL service from Telstra, etc), and a PABX which can support an IP connection, you can use your existing internet connection to make phone calls. That’s right – no need for ISDN or analogue land-lines at all – just one cable!
  • Preselect dialling code – if you don’t have one of these high-grade business internet connections or a fancy IP PABX, then you can start using the eCall product right away by setting up a preselect on your phone system. This just punches in a 4 digit code before your call is placed, and ensures your calls are made on eCall’s great call rates, but without having to invest in any equipment.

For more information, give us a call or get in touch, and we’ll be happy to talk about your specific circumstances further, and help you determine the best way to take advantage of this breakthrough new technology.

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