The NBN and how it can help regional business flourish

Not long ago, a company could make a profit and survive, simply by setting up a store and marketing their services within the local community. But, in today's reality a digital presence is ‘just as important to businesses as the bricks and mortar of a shopfront’ (David 2015).

We are living in the age of technology where access to the Internet and its ever increasing speed, has made the web hugely popular as the go-to research tool for most consumers. Therefore, without a high quality presence, you’re not going to attract the customer base that your business needs.

Our director of Online Performance, Michael David, has met with Telstra to discuss how the introduction of the NBN to the Wollongong area helped our business to flourish and strengthen our online presence.

To learn about how we were able to strengthen our digital presence, watch the video:

To learn more about the NBN and how it can help your business boom online, you can access the Telstra article here.

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