Important Google My Business Updates

When was the last time you updated your Google My Business (GMB) profile?

Google is continually updating GMB to try and improve the tool for both business owners and their customers.  

Here are some recent updates Google has made to Google My Business you should know about. 

Covid-19 Post Type

The Covid-19 Post Type enables your business to post content in regards to Covid-19 which will feature within your Google My Business profile.

Your customers will now know if and how Covid-19 has affected your business and the changes you’ve had to make to accommodate.

This is a great, and almost essential, piece of information for most businesses to be able to provide to their customers.

Google My Business Covid-19 post type

Local Health and Safety Attributes

GMB has added the option of toggling business-related information to notify users what changes have been made on-site to ensure the health and safety of customers and employees. This information includes:

  • Video appointments 
  • Accepting different job types 
  • Mask requirements (both customers and employees)
  • Temperature checks (both customers and employees)
  • Curbside pickup (food and hospitality) 
  • Hands-free delivery (food and hospitality) 
  • Dining in options  (food and hospitality) 
  • Availability of online classes 
  • Online estimates 

Google My Business health and safety attributes

GMB Integrated Call Logging

Google is currently working on a new feature that allows GMB users to track and log customer calls that arrived via Google Search and Maps.

This feature will allow users to store call history in one place, making it easier to respond to missed calls and stay engaged with customers.

Google My Business phone call logging

More Google My Business Insights 

New metrics have been added to GMB and is now easier for you to view data directly from your profile.

The first major feature to insights comes in the form of Interactions.

Interactions will let business owners know how often customers have made contact after visiting your GMB profile.

Additionally, detailed reports have been added and are related to searches and the number of people who saw a business profile in search results.

Google My Business insights 

Google My Business Messaging on Desktop

Previously only available on the GMB app, messaging is now available on the desktop UI.

It is not something that is automatically enabled and as to be opted-in within the messages settings.

A note of caution: GMB will revoke your ability to message through GMB if you do not respond within 24 hours.

It is not a permanent ban but will be required to go through the opt-in process again.

Autoresponders can be set up but do not count as a “real’ response within the 24-hour window. 

Google My Business desktop messaging UI

Max Video Upload Size

Google My Business has reduced its maximum video upload size from 100mb to 75mb.

If you’ve found that you’re having issues with your current videos or problems uploading new ones, this change in file size requirements might be the reason.

Gift Cards and Donation Campaigns

Whilst not a direct update like the previous features, Google is encouraging small businesses to create posts within their business profiles informing customers on how they continue to support through purchasing gift cards or by donating. 

To Wrap Things Up

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