How your website is your best employee!


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All great bosses understand that their employees are the cogs to their business and are key contributors to business success or failure. They are what make ‘the wheels go round’ and without proper care, maintenance and attention, your COGs can CLOG. As a business owner, you need to nurture and develop your employees to keep them happy and keep them provided with enough resources, knowledge and understanding to operate with initiative towards your business needs.

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Your website as an employee

In today's Digital Age, employees no longer have to be human. For example, large food and produce retailers like Woolworths, McDonalds and Coles have capitalised on this concept by introducing self-serve checkout and ordering processes that no longer rely on human interaction.

Whilst these computers are essentially self-sufficient, they still need ongoing improvement and maintenance on a regular basis to ensure smooth operation. Your business may not necessarily require a physical self-serve station (unless you’re the ALDI CEO reading this), but there may be other ways to employ digital business processes which will ultimately improve your business capabilities.

So which digital business process is your obvious candidate and next best employee? Why your website of course!

Your Website Can Be Your 'Best' Employee

So, how do you ensure that your website is getting enough love? Let’s start with thinking about - ‘What makes a great employee?’
A great employee will work long hours, maintains consistent effort, is reliable, a good ambassador, has great culture fit, reflects brand identity positively, hits sales targets, provides quality customer service, has high exposure, is loyal to the business, efficient, flexible and scalable.
Other than the obvious ticked box - long hours. Does your business website currently match the criteria for “Best Employee?”. Given that almost half the businesses in the country don’t have an active website, there’s a 50 / 50 chance that your initial answer is no. For those lucky 50% who do, if you were to rate your existing website for each of the criteria above, where would your website sit?

The Perfect Brand Ambassador

The majority of users will search for a business online before trying other channels. This means that your website will be more often than not be what gives possible customers their first impression of your business, and we all know FIRST IMPRESSION MATTERS! It is crucial that your business website is a visual representation of your brand ethos. If your website is broken, confusing or unattractive than users will not take your business seriously. Just think - how would you want your employees to dress when dealing with customers?

Ensure Your Website is Reliable

Just like many HR processes for physical employees, do your background checks and research when looking to build up your new digital employee. Our recommended platform is SilverStripe which is essentially the Harvard of Content Management Systems (CMS). There's a plethora of platform options but it is hard to find one that has minimal bugs, is sufficiently customisable, has low maintenance costs, and is extremely user-friendly.


The Best Sales Rep You'll Ever Have

Not only can your website perfectly represent your brand and communicate with customers, but it can be the best sales employee you will ever have. Your website will give your users detailed information of your catalogue of products / services and allow your consumers to enquire or convert 24/7 through a secure checkout. What's even better is you can now gain access to a much wider market online. If you have a website in place, go and implement Google Analytics and check out how many potential customers your website is dealing with - regardless of the type of website you have, there is no way a human employee can manage that many people in a single day, month, or year. In the digital age that is upon us, consumers love to shop from the comfort of their own home.

Selling your products and services online through a web platform gives consumers a comfortable environment to purchase. For example, our friends at League & Legends are working their digital sales rep hard! They have expanded their sales volume and reach via their responsive web store substantially in the last few years.

Keep Your Employee Motivated

It is important to remember that all employees need love and care to maintain a solid work ethic. Similar to this, your website needs to be constantly updated and nurtured so that it can be your long lasting, productive and profitable employee.

If your organisation needs any assistance with website design, development, or management, Internetrix have been delivering stunning website projects for over 15 years. Get in touch with one of our website experts today to find out what you can be doing to improve your website effectiveness and how we might be able to help.