Internetrix Hosting gets more reliable through cloning

Posted 12 years ago by Internetrix

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At Internetrix we take hosting responsibilities very seriously and our engineers have been working late into the night to ensure that the best services keep getting better. With advanced hardware, the latest software and a dependable network, you would think that it is hard to improve on this but the team at Internetix understand how important it is to avoid any downtime on your site and have been implementing a mirrored server solution for clients - free of charge.

What can possibly go wrong?

Any industry dealing with machines understands that they are subject to error or failure and while having processes in place to ensure these errors are reduced and are as easy as possible to fix if something does go wrong, it is also necessary to have a contingency plans in the event of a major failure. Outages caused by system failures can have a serious impact on the users of your website.

While we've long had in place 24/7 monitoring of our datacenter, daily backups to ward against the worst, and multiple internet connections to guard against upstream failure, we've recognized that there is a level of reliability most hosting companies don't provide - what to do if something big goes wrong, so that clients don't have to wait for backups to be restored and new hardware fitted and tested?

If something does go wrong on the servers, it can usually be resolved pretty quickly, but in the event that it cannot - it could take up to a day to recover essential files from backup tapes - a day that most business can't afford to be offline.

What we've done

From this month, Internetrix have implemented a new level of technology known as "warm failover". In the event of a significant failure on some hardware or system that hosts your website, manages your email or hosts your Affinity or Gravity application, Internetrix stand by systems are warmed up and ready to take over with a few simple commands from our engineers. All dynamic (database) content is up-to-the-second accurate on these failover servers, and static content - like web pages, images, etc - is updated overnight from our live systems to ensure it too is fresh and always less than a day old.

Why we're different

While big corporate users can make use of this technology by spending big on dedicated servers, very few hosting companies provide this sort of feature as standard. At the flick of a switch the mirrored server can be activated and users can actively view your website, eliminating frustration and reducing losses in ROI.

Few competitors offer this service, unless it is at a substantial cost to your business - usually for thousands of dollars per month. Internetrix are providing this high quality service free of charge to all clients currently utilising our hosting packages to improve reliability for your business and implementation will be carried out over the next few months.

You won't notice any interruptions to your hosting service while this upgrade is being implemented. If you have any queries about the advanced hosting solutions on offer please contact us.