Google’s G Suite – Top Efficiency Tips

Posted 4 years ago by Jacinta Cali

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Firstly, before I brag with Google Partner bias on efficient ways to use the G Suite I must first point out why use it at all. So why do people like Cloud technology? The reason Cloud has become such a buzz word is valid, it’s truly changed our world and the way we communicate. Cloud technology has been around for decades however in recent years with faster internet speeds our ability to harness the technology and innovate has expanded rapidly into the mainstream. People love Cloud tech because it unshackles us from bulky file versioning, email size restrictions, software licensing overheads and provides flexibility when we travel. For a relatively small price it gives us the ability to access our files, emails, contacts and calendar from any device. Provided we have the internet that is.

Internetrix has been using cloud technology since 2012, specifically, we have been using Google’s Apps. As a certified Google Partner this was our best way to not only become product experts for our clients but to transform our organisation digitally into the cloud era. Since using the technology the last four years we have learnt a thing or two about the products and today I’ll share a few of the most handy tips with you.

Handy Tip #1 – Leverage the search power of Google’s Apps

We all know and love Google for their superfast ability to search and deliver website pages via Google search. What some people don’t realise is that Gmail, Calendar and Google Drive all harness this incredible search technology making it efficient for you to search for and find what you are looking for just like you would search for a website. This saves you loads of time and can be a great way to look up files. When saving files just be sure to have the right keywords in the file titles and content to make the most of the search power.


Gmail: search bar


Google Drive: search bar

Google’s_G_Suite_–_Top_Efficiency_Tips_image_3Google Drive: advanced option search bar, search for specific files in Drive

Handy Tip #2 – Fully utilize Google Drive’s share settings

The number one thing I get asked by new customers about Google Drive is how to leverage the share settings. What I’ve found works best in an organisation is to have the default setting for all company files to be ‘Anyone in the Organisation can find and edit’ which is the middle setting. When releasing files to external collaborators such as clients or suppliers the ‘Anyone with the link can View/Edit’ is required. And if you want to keep something private, that’s simple, use the ‘Only Me’ setting. These permissions can be applied to folders and files meaning you can have a working Drive that has a mix of private and shared folders or files.


Step 1: click the advance settings button


Step 2: check the third box to anyone in your organisation can access the link

Handy Tip #3 – Gmail’s undo send setting

The undo setting. This is probably one of the most underrated settings in Gmail. In order to take advantage of this setting all you have to do is turn it on under the Gmail settings section. You can choose 10, 20 or 30 seconds hold time which allows you the ability to undo hitting send on an email for that amount of time. The setting adds a delay on the messages in your outbox to allow you the option to undo before it’s actually sent. If you type fast like me I guarantee that there has been a time when you would have wished you had this setting enabled.


Step 1: click settings icon in top right corner of Gmail, then the settings tab


Step 2: check 'enable undo send'


Step 3: after sending an email to undo send , click the Undo link

Handy Tip #4 – Create a Global User account

Something we have done to manage our office better is create a global user account. We call it Boardroom and we use it predominantly for Google’s calendar. What this allows us to do is book the Boardroom in the office for meetings and also manage staff leave. Having a global reference point for the whole organisation to see who’s in and who’s out of the office and if the meeting rooms are free. For a small price per year our global user Boardroom has made us more organised and saved a lot of time and energy.


Example: of using a global user to manage boardroom meeting bookings

Handy Tip #5 – Activate Google Drive’s offline editing

We don’t always have the luxury of speedy internet or maybe we are simply travelling in the air and want to work seamlessly on our Google files. In order for this to happen, offline editing needs to be enabled on the business account before the settings can be switched on by any user. Turn it on and with the flick of a button you will be working offline in no time. It works by storing a local copy of the file which can be edited offline and then when reconnected to the internet the file will sync to the Cloud.


Step 1: click the settings icon in the top right corner on your business account, then click the settings tab


Step 2: check the box to sync to this computer so that you can edit offline

Handy Tip #6 – Share Google files and collaborate better

The beauty about Google Docs is the live editing. You can share a file with a group of people and all edit the one file at the same time. Kiss goodbye to annoying email threads and file version control. With a Google Doc (or a Google Sheet, or Slide or Form) you can share the file link with edit permissions and off you go – the file versioning looks after itself with the auto save feature. One extra tip I add is to use comments. Comments can be turned into action items and individuals can be tagged in comments using their email address which will send them a notification. This becomes extremely handy for when collaborators are not editing the file when you are. The comments are time stamped and it saves you sending a separate email.


Example: of using Google Docs collaboratively and using the comment feature to alert another team member

If you are interested in switching to the G Suite or would like to find out more about how to use it better please get in touch. Internetrix is a long standing Google Partner and we can help you with G Suite setup, data migration and training on any Google G Suite products.