Google Wonder Wheel and Timeline

Posted 10 years ago by Internetrix

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Google also has a number of other tools that can help you gain insights into search terms such as the Google Wonder Wheel. Google Wonder Wheel was released in May 2009 and can be used to show related search terms based on a term you have entered within the Google Search Engine. The aim of this tool is to provide the user with guidance when completing searches using Google. The Wonder Wheel will display related topics/keywords that they may have originally wished to search for or giving the users options to gain more information through additional related topics. Terms on the outer edges of the wonder wheel can be selected and a new wonder wheel will be generated with the ‘edge’ term the centre of a new wonder wheel.


As mentioned previously the tool was originally developed to help users clarify their searches but it can be used by online marketers and SEO experts to analyse the relationships between keywords that relate to as single topic. In addition to the Wonder Wheel the Timeline tool can also help you gather information. The Timeline displays the number of articles or news posts that have been made regarding different search terms over time. For example if I search for ‘World Cup Football’ the first result on the timeline displays a page with information on the first world cup held in 1930. All these tools can be found by selecting the show options link on the Google Search Engine Results Page then selecting either Wonder Wheel or Timeline under Standard View.