Google Optimize is free now

Google Optimize is now out of beta and is free for everyone, available in 180 countries, and you can start using it today. Google introduced Optimize 360 last spring as part of the Google Analytics 360 suite for A/B testing and personalisation product. 250,000 users requested an Optimize account and because of that great demand, Google announced the free beta version last fall. Today they announced it is available for free and out of beta.

Why do you need to optimize? 

A/B testing allows marketers to test variations of their site to analyse a customer's journey. By using an A/B test, companies can increase their Return On Investment (ROI) by providing a relevant and more engaging experience for customers who visit their websites. However, a new survey showed that 45% of businesses don’t optimize their website using A/B testing. The main obstacle to implementing A/B Testing is the perception among many organisations that it is difficult to do. Drum roll: enter Google Optimize as a means to solve this problem.

How does Google Optimize 360 help you to optimize? 

A/B testing and personalisation is nothing new. The main progress provided by Google Optimize is its ability to be paired with Google Analytics, so we can tie our experiments to KPIs in Google Analytics. Also, Google Optimize is easy to use and the variant web pages for testing can be built by anyone with a modicum of design skill. Using Optimize Visual Editor, you can drag and drop to make changes easily. You can create variants of a web page, test target user segments and set some URL rules. It is also possible to edit raw HTML or add JavaScript or CSS rules in the editor.

The report section in Optimize displays experiment status and the improvement. You can monitor the conducted experiment and objectives and their results which are statistically tested. The reporting is easy to understand and you can make smart decisions and immediately choose your marketing strategies using these reports. Moreover, unlike the other A/B testing platforms, Google Optimize can be integrated with Google Analytics and other Google analytic products under Google Analytics 360 Suite umbrella so we can take advantage of this integration in the reporting.

How do we help you to Optimize?  

Internetrix is an analytics specialist and a Google Analytics 360 Suite Partner. We have grown from being one of the first accredited Google Analytics Australian partners to have over 15 years' full spectrum experience helping all company sizes and sectors. Our customers have been happy with how easy Google Optimize is to use and how fast it helps them to make smart decisions. Our experiments help you to know your users and provides insights that can be sent to Google AdWords and Doubleclick. 

At Internetrix, we make sure that you test the metrics that matter to you. By analysing the results in Optimize and Google Analytics, we can easily launch new experiments sitewide. Contact us today to see how you can win, grow, and save with the latest availability of Google Optimize.