Google Map Special Offer

It's time for some special Internetrix Christmas cheer. Until COB Friday 7th December we are offering readers a special opportunity to improve your Contact Us page by implementing the Google Map of your office location into your website for $330.

Allowing existing and potential clients to know exactly where you are has obvious benefits. The Australian version of Google Maps was introduced in February this year, and provides satellite, hybrid and traditional street map views plus a lot more and is well worth a look.


The real value of adding in a map as per the screenshot of the Internetrix Contact Us page shown above, is that you can have a pin that identifies your precise street location, and users can move the map around as well as zoom in and out to their precise requirements. Other than product and service pages on website, it is often the case that Contact Us pages are the most visited page on any given website and it may help reduce calls asking how to get to your office. To see how Google Maps has helped some of our other clients please see the Illawarra Institute of TAFE and Cleary Brothers who have taken the use of the technology much further and applied it in more than just the Contact Us page.

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