Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search is a freely available tool which can help you compare search volume patterns over time and across regions and categories. Google Insights for Search extends from the Google Trends tool and provides you with more detailed information for search terms. Searching for a certain term within Google Insights for Search provides you with graphs and statistics on the terms interest over time, major news stories that have occurred recently relating to the term, regional interest in the term, top search terms associated to the term searched as well as rising search terms. The results from Insights for Search can be filtered based on 4 different categories; type of search (web, image, news or product), location, time range and category. Overall the information provided by Google Insights for Search and Google Trends can be used effectively to improve both your SEO and SEM efforts as it can build on information provided by the Google Adwords Keyword Tool adding rich context to keywords identified.


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