Google appoints Internetrix as an Authorized Consultant

Posted 13 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix is excited to announce its accreditation to a very select panel of experts by the biggest name online - Google - through our acceptance into the Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC) program.


  • Internetrix appointed to exclusive consultant program by Google, 2nd in Australia, with only 26 program members world-wide
  • New version of Google Analytics just released, providing new power & features in an already extensive product
  • Powerful fusion of Google's product features combined with our own proven products and experience in web design and interactive development.

Joining an elite global panel of 26 companies accredited by Google, is something that we are proud and excited about. Analytics, one of the array of professional website tools Google makes available free of charge, provides the next generation of website visitor analysis. It is no longer necessary to base advertising and marketing budgets on visit and hit counts alone. Rather, Google Analytics offers full website visitor behaviour analysis, conversion path definition, return on investment on keyword advertising, analysis on individual page readership and more.

The Google Analytics product also has recently had a major facelift with a new version being released on May 8th at the EMetrics Summit in San Francisco. The new version has had significant usability and accessibility improvements making it easier to understand and access the multitude of reports that the product provides, and for the system to pro-actively "push" these reports to key users via email, ensuring they're kept abreast of key website performance metrics.

Internetrix joins the GAAC panel at an exciting time. The Internetrix product suite continues to mature and we are already exploring ways in which we can integrate our own tools with the power of Google Analytics. With this accreditation, Internetrix now provides the Australian market with a complete set of integrated services, from web strategy, through to web design, content management, advanced applications and now ongoing measurement, assessment and fine tuning.

"Internetrix offers the market proven expertise in web design, development, hosting and now Google ratified analytics product and services" Managing Director Geoff McQueen said, outlining the impact this will have on the company. "We believe one of the things that impressed the people at Google was our extensive web design and development expertise - Google's package makes it easy to see what's going on in your website and our strong background in the technology means we're able to help companies respond accordingly, quickly and easily".

"We stand in a great position to leverage a stronger foothold in the Australian market as a company that can deliver CRM and Workflow management products to improve prospect, lead, sales, client, relationship and project management. The exciting aspect of becoming so closely aligned with Google is that our Interactive division credibility benefits enormously in that not only can we create and deliver a web presence that fills a prospecting funnel, we can back it up with expert Google Analytics services that identify who, how, what and why things are happening on your website and crucially ways to improve the conversions. It is a self fulfilling cycle that will really light things up for the company" McQueen enthused.

The process to becoming Google accredited started in October last year with an email into Google head office in Mountain View, California expressing interest in being a part of the program. The correspondence and discussion continued electronically until February when Internetrix was asked to make a formal application. The application process proved to be extensive, even arduous, with Google putting us through our paces on technical, implementation and customer service tests. Following a lot of work, we were invited to attend a 2 day intensive training and testing session at Google's offices just before Easter.

"It was all kind of surreal. Within a week of being invited, we were sitting on a flight to San Francisco to participate in one of Google's exclusive training and accreditation courses. After an intensive few days of training and getting to know key members of the Analytics team personally, we completed the course, passed the accreditation tests and waited for the paperwork to come through. All in all a great experience and a very rewarding and important step for the company" McQueen said while recounting the visit.

"We were thrilled to get our countersigned contract a fortnight ago, and then for the Google Webmaster to add Internetrix to the Partner page in the last couple of days," remarked Daniel Rowan, Operations Manager at Internetrix. "It has been a long haul but it is very rewarding to be tested by the best in the business and succeed."

You can see Internetrix, along with a list of the other GAACs, at Mail or call 1800 007 581

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