Google Analytics - Top Exit Pages Report

The Top Exit Pages report could be considered a brother of the Top Landing Pages report as serves a similar function, except it provides information on the pages where users are exiting the site. Like the Top Landing Pages report, the Top Exit Pages report limits the metrics available to those that are most pertinent, the ‘Exits’, ‘Pageviews’ and ‘%Exits’ Metrics. In addition to this, users can also drill-down within each of the exit pages listed to analyse other metrics such as ‘Time on Page’ and ‘Page Views’. Users also have access to the navigation analysis and landing page optimization information.


Information presented on the Top Exit Pages report can be employed to help users identify whether pages on their site that have the most exits are appropriate. For example, you would expect a high number of exits from a receipt or goal page, but if you continuously see a high exit rate relating to a funnel page its an indication that the purpose of the page is considered to be unclear or confusing for the user. As discussed in the example above it is important when interpreting statistics generated for a page that they be considered in the context in which they exist.


  • When interpreting statistics users should be aware of the context in which pages exist and their purpose

Implementations for Different Business Sectors

Multi-National Corporations

  • If multi-nationals had a site that was identical in structure for each different country it marketed itself in it would provide for interesting information regarding the comparison of identical pages across different countries/regions (i.e is the Spanish version of the home page equally as engaging as the Chinese version etc)

Domestic Corporations

  • Allows them to examine which pages are least engaging for users and which pages require its content to be adjusted.


  • Provides smaller to medium companies a way to gauge the performance of page content and whether it effectively targets the audience that they wish to market themselves to.

Membership Based Organisations

  • Can help these organizations identify pages that members aren’t finding useful/engaging or where potential members are not converting due to uninteresting or ineffective content

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