Google Analytics - Reverse Goal Path Report

Posted 10 years ago by Internetrix

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The Reverse Goal Path report is an interesting report as it lists the URL paths used to reach goal pages and shows the number of conversions that each path represents. Its important to remember that goals can be achieved through taking different paths and the information provided in this report helps you answer the question, how are visitors arriving at my goals? This can be useful as it can be used to identify key pages on your site that lead to conversions.

Users of the Reverse Goal Path report can view the URL paths of different goals by selecting them from the drop down bar.


Back in late 2009, it looked likely that the Reverse Goal Path report was destined for the scrapheap, but it has been kept as part of the core Google Analytics service offering in the short term, with an enhanced report likely to be developed in the not to distant future.


  • Users of this report should take note of the “(entrance)” tag within some of the paths listed in this report. Paths that have “(entrance)” in front of them mean that the user took the direct path to the goal, whereas paths without the “(entrance)” tag signify where visitors have navigated around the site a bit before going down a goal path.

Benefits for Different Business Sectors

Domestic Corporations

  • Domestic companies can use this report to identify the most common pages on their site that are leading to conversions