Google Analytics Limits and Quotas

When you continuously visit your fridge for a new bottle of beer, you will eventually end up empty-handed. Your fridge has limits. So does Google Analytics. What can you do if you hit those limits? Sometimes you can just wait, sometimes you need to go shopping for Google Analytics Premium (like you would go shopping when there is no more beer in the fridge).

The length of some string fields is given in bytes rather than in characters. If you are using only latin characters then the number of characters you can fit into 500 bytes is 500. If some are international or Unicode then the number of characters you can fit in the field is varying from 1 to 4 times less. Google Analytics uses UTF-8 to encode non-latin characters.

Data Collection & Processing limits of Google Analytics (both free and Analytics 360)

  • 10 million hits per month per property. Virtually unlimited for GA Premium. Talk to us to know what you can get with Google Analytics 360 (formerly known as Premium)
  • 200,000 hits per user per day
  • 500 hits per session (excluding E-Commerce hits)
  • Timing hits are limited to 1% of pageviews processed for the property for the previous day. Can be changed with GA tracker
  • Hits sent per second per tracker
    • Universal Analytics (analytics.js): starts with 20 hits that are replenished at a rate of 2 hits per second (ecommerce: item and/or transaction are not counted in this limit)
    • Android SDK, iOS SDK: each app instance starts with 60 hits that are replenished at a rate of 1 hit every 2 seconds (E-Commerce: item and/or transaction are not counted)
  • 20 Custom Dimensions. 200 for Analytics 360 (Premium)
  • 20 Custom Metrics. 200 for Analytics 360 (Premium)
  • 200,000 Sessions per day will result in reports being refreshed only once per day delaying up to 48 hours. For Premium this limit is one billion hits per month
  • Data Import
    • 25 Data Sources per Property
    • 1GB file size limit
    • 1MB row limit
    • Query-Time Import only available for Google Analytics 360 (formerly Premium)

The above Google Analytics limits may really affect your data without you even knowing it. Data will just be ignored, no warnings issued.

By design, Google Analytics data collection end-point always return 200 OK status code and there is no way to identify if data were accepted or rejected. 500 hits per session seem a lot but are easily achievable if your transaction funnel on the website requires a lot of interactions (for example pagination or search function) or you are tracking behaviour metrics and time on page. Another common use-case is apps. If users are actively using the app (my compliments to you by the way) and you are tracking all of their interactions (you are serious about UX) five hundred hits is easily achievable. Especially, if it is a game. You would never know what happened after hit #500 and even more you would not even know if you are missing some data unless you are an Analytics 360 (formerly Premium) customer and use BigQuery.

A great example of the impact Google Analytics limits may have on you explained in the Lost Google Analytics Events article.  

Accounts and Profiles limits in Google Analytics

  • 100 Google Analytics Accounts per Google Account
  • 50 Properties per Google Analytics Account
  • 25 Views per Property. Can be increased to 200 based on a number of hits
  • 20 Custom Dimensions. 200 for Premium
  • 20 Custom Metrics. 200 for Premium
  • 5 Custom Variables. 50 for Premium
  • 100 Custom Tables. Only for Premium

Google Analytics (360) Reports Limits

  • 4 Advanced Segments in a single report at a time
  • 100 Custom Segments per login
  • 5 tabs can be created in Custom Report
  • 1 Secondary Dimension can be added to standard report
  • 10 Metrics can be added to Custom Report in Explorer mode
  • 25 Metrics can be added to Custom Report in Flat Table mode
  • 5 Custom Dimensions can be added to Custom Report
  • 5 filters can be defined in Custom Report
  • 50 characters are allowed in the Custom Report name, Custom Report tab name and Metric Group name
  • 100 Custom Reports per Account
  • 50k of rows/distinct values in a table before aggregation begins. 75k for Premium (not applicable if the report is backed-up with Custom Table - Premium-only (Analytics 360) feature)
  • 1 million conversions are used in Multi-Channel Funnel reports. After that GA will sample
  • 200,000 of unique conversion paths per day, others will be aggregated under (other)
  • 100,000 of sessions are analysed in Flow visualisation reports before sampling occurs


  • 20 Goals per View
  • 20 Funnel steps per Goal
  • 10,000,000,000 is a maximum Goal Value
  • 20 private Dashboards per View per user
  • 50 shared Dashboards per View per GA Account
  • 12 widgets per Dashboard

Google Analytics Data Fields Length

  • 80 characters are allowed in Custom Alert Name
  • 256 characters in a Filter pattern
  • 128 characters in Custom Variable
  • 1500 bytes for Document Title
  • 2048 bytes for Document Path
  • 100 bytes for Document Hostname
  • 2048 bytes for Document Location URL
  • 2048 bytes for document Referrer
  • Campaigns
    • 100 bytes for Campaign Name
    • 100 bytes for Campaign Source
    • 50 bytes for Campaign Medium
    • 500 bytes for Campaign Keyword
    • 500 bytes for Campaign Content
    • 100 bytes for Campaign ID
  • Events
    • 150 bytes for Event Category
    • 500 bytes for Event Category
    • 500 bytes for Event Action
    • 500 bytes for Event Label
    • Non-negative Integer as Event Value. If you pass a floating point value as Event Value, the hit might not not be processed
  • 150 bytes for Custom Dimension value
  • 40 bytes for Content Experiment ID (generated by GA)
  • E-Commerce
    • 500 bytes for Transaction ID
    • 500 bytes for Transaction Affiliation
    • 500 bytes for Item Name
    • 500 bytes for Item Code
    • 500 bytes for Item Category
    • 10 bytes for Currency Code
  • Enhanced E-Commerce
    • 200 products per Transaction
    • 500 bytes for Product SKU
    • 500 bytes for Product Name
    • 500 bytes for Product Brand
    • 500 bytes for Product Category
    • 500 bytes for Product Variant
    • 500 bytes for Product Coupon code
  • Social
    • 50 bytes for Social Network name
    • 50 bytes for Social Action
    • 2048 bytes for Social Action Target
  • Timing
    • 150 bytes for User Timing Category
    • 500 bytes for User timing Variable name
    • 500 bytes for User Timing Label
  • Mobile Properties
    • 150 bytes for Exception Description
    • 150 bytes for Application Installer ID
    • 100 bytes for Application Version
    • 150 bytes for Application ID
    • 100 bytes for Application Name
    • 2048 bytes for Screen Name 

Google Analytics API limits

  • 50,000 requests per project per day
  • 10 queries per second per IP
  • 500 write requests per project per day
  • Extended Data Import storage limit
    • Processing Time Import Mode. Premium only
      • 1 TB per property
      • 20 GB per data set
    • Query Time Import Mode. Premium only
      • 1 GB per property
      • 1 GB per data set
    • Non-Premium:
      • 10 GB per property
      • 10 GB per data set
  • 50 Upload operations per property per day

More information about Google Analytics limits and quotas:

PDF version: Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium: Limits and Quotas

To Wrap Things Up

That's a lot of numbers, isn't it? It's always good to know your limits. The good news, you probably won't hit any of those limits unless your website(s) are receiving heavy traffic (lucky you!) and you have a couple of employees whose sole purpose is to work with GA data.

Most of the mentioned limits can be increased if you talk to your local Google Analytics partner (for example Internetrix) and they can be significantly increased for Google Analytics Premium clients.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), Internetrix has assisted a number of clients in different verticals including retail and Australian government departments in better understanding their website effectiveness with Google Analytics and IBM Expert and have helped them derive actionable insight from their visitor data.

We hope you have found this blog helpful, and as always, if you need any assistance please get in touch to book a call with our Data and Analytics team.

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