Google Analytics - Keywords Report

Posted 11 years ago by Internetrix

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Google Analytics Keywords Report produces some interesting information for Marketers. The report provides users with a list of the most popular keywords (search terms) that prospects are using to access your site when searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine.

Google Analytics provides the regular metrics of: visits, pages/visit, avg. time on site, % new visits and bounce rates to help you determine which keywords are most important to your organisation. You can also analyse the data to discover which keywords prospects associate your business with.

Search Engine Optimisation experts can use this data to target keywords that will result in higher conversions. SEO experts should be able to tweak content on the website and power of inbound links to allow for specific targeting of effective keywords. The Keywords report can also be used in evaluation of your SEO efforts.

If visitors coming in on a certain keyword are generating high bounce rates this could mean that the content of your website is irrelevant. Marketers could then take action to ensure website content is made more relevant for that keyword to reduce bounce rates and increase chance of conversion.

Marketers can also determine which words are being associated with their company. If certain keywords are considered irrelevant, marketing efforts can be directed to disassociate with these keywords and focus on more relevant ones. This is especially important for generating Pay-Per-Click keyword lists as you can see which words the market associates with your company rather than just your personal intuition therefore helping you make more informed/data-driven decisions.


It may be necessary to apply custom segmentations to this data to gain more actionable insights.

The Keywords Report is probably most useful for problem recognition. Other data will have to be considered when determining the root cause of high bounce rates for particular keywords etc.

Implications for Different Sectors

Multi-National Corporations

  • Different countries may associate different keywords with your business. Comparing keyword lists between foreign offices could help localize your marketing efforts.

Domestic Corporations

  • Discover new keywords to focus PPC on


  • Re-evaluate marketing efforts on keywords which generate poor visit quality data

Membership Based Organisations

  • Determine what terms your members or prospects associate with your organisation

Public Sector

  • Help make it easier for citizens to find relevant information by increasing relevance on popular keywords