Google Analytics - Goal Verification Report

Posted 10 years ago by Internetrix

Less than a minute to read

Google Analytics can provide more than just statistics regarding goals that have been achieved. The Goal Verification report shows the pages that were viewed prior to a goal being registered. The report not only provides the goals pages but provides information as to the number of times each of the pages was viewed.


The real beauty of this report is that it is valuable for analysis where goals may be a funnel and contain more than one goal page. For example, you may want goal matches for PDF downloads on your site, rather than creating a goal for each of the PDF’s located on the site (assuming you have multiple PDF’s) a regular expression can be used to match them all.

From a business perspective, this is valuable for site owners as it allows them to see where their visitors are coming from before converting, which can help them improve conversion rates by helping them to identify and optimize goal funnels.


  • Users need to ensure that the page/s that have been set as goals can only be reached by completing a conversion activity, otherwise you may experience inflated conversion rates.