Google Analytics - Goal Abandoned Funnels Report

Posted 11 years ago by Internetrix

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The Goal Abandoned Funnels report in Google Analytics is helpful as it allows you view the percentage of visitors that began a conversion activity but exited the funnel without converting. Funnels are navigation paths that you would like your visitors to follow in order to achieve a goal. The value provided by being able to view the amount of visitors exiting a funnel is that you can use the information provided to redesign funnels to incorporate easy to complete conversion steps in order to improve retention rates. In order to make changes to funnels you must edit the settings for each goal that has been set up within a profile (refer to the screenshot below).



When viewing the Goal Abandoned Funnels report users may see abandonment rates over 100% next to the horizontal bar graph which is likely to be caused by additional visitors entering mid-funnel and then abandoning. The value located in the brackets is of more value when interpreting this report as it provides a more absolute indication of abandonments (i.e it is calculated through the following formula: Number of visitors abandoning the funnel at any stage / Number of visitors entering the funnel at any stage)