Google Analytics - Funnel Visualization Report

Posted 10 years ago by Internetrix

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The Funnel Visualization report builds on the information regarding funnel exits provided in the Goals Abandoned Funnels report by providing a more detailed and visual representation of the goal funnel itself. The Funnel Visualization report can help you to see how many visitors move from one step to the next, where they drop out of the conversion process and where they go instead. This report is a very powerful tool for site owners as it allows them identify the weaker pages in a funnel and then go about fixing them to improve your conversion rate.

The funnel visualization report is particularly useful for ecommerce sites. With these types of sites, goals are configured to be the “Thank You” or “Receipt” pages that are displayed once a purchase is made. Once a funnel has been set up site owners can then examine each step/page in the funnel to see where users are abandoning the shopping process. Goal Visualization can also be used effectively on sites that utilise quotes or contact us forms/pages.

Ultimately site owners should aim to have steps in a funnel with a continuation rate of around 80 or 90% as anything below this means that you are losing a significant amount of potential customers most likely due to a step in the funnel that users are finding difficult to navigate beyond.

Users of this report should also be mindful that you need to create funnels prior to receiving data and will only begin working once you have created them. The major workaround within Google Analytics for creating and viewing funnels on the fly involves using advanced segments, but this method does not provide the rich information the Funnel Visualization report does regarding which pages visitors are coming from and which pages they are going to.


When setting up goals that involve reaching a certain page ensure to enter the URI instead of the entire URL otherwise your Funnel Vizualisation report will not contain any data.

It is also important when setting up goals that you determine whether the “Required Step” check box is to be selected or not. If you select the “Required Step” checkbox that means that conversions will be captured.