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Posted 11 years ago by Internetrix

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The Google Analytics Adwords Report provides users who have linked their Analytics and Adwords accounts with highly actionable information regarding their Adwords campaigns. This cross-functionality means you can gain insights into the actual quality of the visitors that your Adwords campaigns are driving, rather than the simple Clicks and Click-Through-Rates the Adwords interface offers.

If certain campaigns are attracting visitors who are spending low times and page views on your site, then your ROI and chance of conversion will be suffering. In this case, you could decide to alter your Adwords campaign to appeal to your target audience, rather than low quality audiences.

The Google Analytics Adwords Report also allows you to analyse the position of your keywords to help refine your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and keyword list for Adwords campaigns. The data Google Analytics provides on keyword positioning and ranking for Adwords campaigns allows users to refine the keywords and CPC of Ad Groups to ensure optimal exposure for cost, thus improving ROI. In this way, marketers can focus their expenditure on profitable audiences that associate their brand/product highly with certain keywords.

The Adwords reports can be segmented by Campaigns, Adgroups and Keywords, with each level offering drill-down functionality. Each of the reports offer the normal "Site Usage" stats, such as bounce rate and average time on site, as well as "Click" data, which provides Adwords campaign expenditure figures as well as ROI figures. Most importantly, the reports have a "Goal Conversion" tab that shows us the conversion rates of each Adword campaign. Google Analytics then calculates the average Adwords expenditure to attain a goal conversion. The different levels of segmentation and data allow us to see the strong and weak points of each campaign, adgroup or keyword. This is critical for optimising Adwords campaigns to provide the highest click through rate and best ROI.

The Adwords Report also has a report for TV Campaigns. These refer to Adword TV Campaigns where the user can upload video advertisements using the Adwords interface which are shown on participating websites.


  • The data provided by the Adwords report in Google Analytics provides those running Adword campaigns with highly actionable insights into bettering their campaigns - a trait non-existent in most traditional marketing mediums. It is therefore highly advisable that those running Adwords seriously look into this free cross functionality between Adwords and Analytics to improve ROI.
  • Setting goals will help give you a more precise picture when determining your ROI on Adwords campaigns because it will generate data in light of a particular/important objective.

Benefits for Different Sectors

Multi-National Corporations

  • Develop an understanding for which keywords best define your business in the mind of the customer

Domestic Corporations

  • Use the data to design future campaigns which are more likely to succeed right off the bat


  • Improve the ROI of your current Adwords campaigns

Membership-Based Organisations

  • Find the effectiveness of your Adwords campaigns in generating membership sign ups

Public Sector

  • Create then measure the effectiveness of Adwords TV advertisements