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Google Analytics 360 - Data freshness just got real-time

For all you Google Analytics 360 enthusiasts, this has got be one of the most exciting pieces of news so far this year: Google Analytics 360 can now provide updated insights as quickly as every 10 minutes.

This the fastest access to the freshest first party data Google Analytics has ever offered and now you can access it through Google Analytics 360.

What is the impact on reporting fresh data?

Do you want to know how your website is performing or what is the impact of your digital marketing engagement in real time? Google Analytics 360 has got you covered.

Most first-party data in Analytics 360 can now be collected, processed, and available — via the UI, API, and BigQuery integration (coming soon) — in as fast as 10 minutes.

This means that you can add value to your organisation even faster by:

  • Providing real time solutions to website issues
  • Uncovering anomalies and trends and rapidly responding to the market faster
  • Figuring out the impact of social and cultural events and addressing the pain points faster

How do I know if the report I am analysing has fresh data?

When you are logged into your Google Analytics 360 account, go to this blue time ticker icon in the upper right corner. This will indicate the data freshness in your reports at anytime. The icon looks like this:


If you are able locate the blue ticker icon, it means you’re looking at today’s data and the report is supported and super fresh. And when you hover over the blue ticker icon, you can then see how fresh the data is.

As mentioned earlier, this new level of freshness is only available to Google Analytics 360 users.

Please visit this list to find out which reports, views, and properties in Google Analytics 360, support fresher data and the factors affecting data freshness.

How can you benefit from this data freshness for Analytics 360?

If you want to capitalise on the moments that matter to your users the most, you are going to be as excited as a rookie Google Analytics user passing the GAIQ test.

This is equivalent to aiming for the bullseye on a moving target. This massively helps:

  • Marketeers trying to capture what is happening right now and capitalising on the real time reaction of the market.
  • Engage your customer base with customised content, when it matters to them the most.
  • React to specific moments real-time. For example; when celebrities wear a product or mention a brand on social media, be in front of your customer base with that product and capitalise the moment.

Is there a caveat with this Google Analytics data freshness?

Good catch, Yes, there is a caveat.

Google Analytics 360 still prioritises safety over speed. What this means is any data that is sourced from a third party integration such as AdWords and DoubleClick will be exempted from this enhanced data freshness improvement. This is solely because these third party tools have additional requirements, such as fraud detection.

For further details on which reports are supported or not supported by this enhanced data freshness improvement, please contact Internetrix.

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