Google AdWord Tips

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Paying for better rankings results on Google is sure fire way to increase web traffic to your site. Throughout the years, Internetrix has successfully managed client Google AdWord campaigns and learned a thing or two along the way.

Creating a successful Google AdWords campaign isn’t exactly brain surgery, but it isn’t exactly easy either. It’s takes a bit of work. So if you want more people visiting your site and perusing your products and/or services, then listen up!

First off, begin thinking like your customer. “If I was a potential customer using an Internet search engine, what terms would I use to search for my products and services?” A couple hours of brainstorming will likely bring you some good answers.

Next, generate a budget for you AdWords campaign. To help you, establish your competition on the words you chose. Do this by searching your list of words to see what paid advertisements are listed across the top banner and at the right hand side of the page. If there are lots of advertisers in those places expect to pay more than a less competitive set of keywords.

Now it’s time to get down to writing the ads. Remember there’s a limit of about 35 characters per line. The desired format is this:
Line 1
Line 2
Website link

Keep in mind it’s hard to know how much you’ll need to spend upfront. Advertising costs are incurred when someone clicks through to your website. You control spending by setting a daily budget. Once that daily limit is consumed, ad won’t show again until the next day.

Like previously mentioned it’s not brain surgery, but it takes some manipulation to get an overall effective campaign using keywords that don’t cost too much and the right lines wording in the advertising.

The best advice: do your research. Before embarking on this type of marketing campaign, sit on Google for a while and type in words and phrases that you would expect your potential client base to use. Monitor the amount of sponsored links displayed. You’ll eventually get a sense of how much competition is out there and hence the costs involved to get your own sponsored links in position.

Be sure to try at different times of the day as some advertisers daily budgets might have already been consumed. Another sneaky trick is revisiting Google and continually clicking on an ad until it disappears. This will give you a sense of your competitor’s budget.

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