Good Bye Ugly Dashboards, Hello Google Data Studio

You may not already know that Google has removed the 5 report limit in Data Studio - its data analytics and visualisation tool. Now you can create as many reports as you want in your account.


Without going into exhaustive detail about all the benefits of using Data Studio, I will just highlight here some key features.

1. It is Free - yes, as we mentioned, Data Studio is free and you can create more than 5 reports.


2. Works with many different data sources. You can connect Data Studio with many different data sources. Moreover, you can define the separate data source for any table, graph, charts etc. Here is a list of connectors, that you can use: AdWords, Attribution 360, BigQuery, Cloud SQL, DCM, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Search Console, YouTube Analytics.


3. Design. For this topic, we should write a separate post, because in Data Studio you can use ready-made visual themes for your report as well as create your own themes or make changes only on a specific page or widget.


4. Real-time data updates. As soon as data is updated in the data source, it appears in the reports.

All of these features give you an incredible opportunity to create more informative, more visually understandable reports using almost any data source.

We agree with many other experts that Data Studio rates as a GOOD service to build creative reports in minutes.

But ...

In spite of its user-friendliness, if you want to create really GREAT reports, some of you will need to have more report creating skills than the average user. Where difficulties lie is not in using design tools, rather with a data source.

If you are trying to use the full force of Google Tag Manager and working with Big Data then you willprobably encounter another extremely useful feature known as 'Calculated fields'.


This feature allows you to create your own fields by using special formulas, for example:

'CONCAT('Browser:', Browser, 'Version:', Version-number)'

Calculated fields let you manipulate the information contained in your data source. For example, you can apply mathematical formulas, extract or transform text, and return data based on logical comparisons using the long list of special functions


For some people, it might be a bit difficult, however, everything needs skills, even riding a bike. And there are two ways to overcome the challenge:

  • get some training and become an expert
  • outsource or buy the solution

Internetrix can help with both of the options. We can train you or we can do the hardest part of your job for you, as well as create a custom design for your report.

To summarise, we recommend every website owner to use Data Studio, just read through your Google Data Studio Help

watch videos

and talk to us about getting trained at Internetrix.

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