Getting to Google's #1

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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To increase web traffic, everyone wants their website to show up at the top of Google’s list. But it isn’t easy. Even getting your site listed on Google can be a bit of a challenge. No one really, aside from the Google programmers, know the exact tricks of the trade.

In a three part newsletter series we’re going to explore various methods of getting your site up in Google’s rankings. This month’s focus is on AdWords—a method that works quite well. Coming newsletter articles will delve into more cryptic, tricky and sometimes downright sneaky ways people increase their site’s rankings.

Okay so picture the Google search screen, perhaps even open a browser and do a Google search on anything you’d like. The search results are listed in two columns—a wide column to the left and a thin column to the right.

Getting your site to rank well in the right column is a bit simpler—but there’s a catch—you have to pay! This is Google AdWords and although boosting your rankings with AdWords is not as difficult as doing it in the centre column, there’s still a science to it. When you get it right though, site traffic is boosted almost instantly!

Take for example the case of Bio Medical Development International (BMDI)—a fairly typical AdWords success story. The international manufacturer of retractable syringes and sharps containers wanted its website to get further exposure and recognition to help market its products.

With Internetrix’ help BMDI ran a year long AdWords campaign. In April 2004, the month before the campaign began, BMDI’s site was getting about 6,700 hits a month. The campaign began mid-May and by the end of the month, site traffic increased to over 16,500 hits. And that was just the beginning.

Google’s real-time reporting let Internetrix see the most effective search terms and tweak the campaign for even greater success. The numbers continued to grow. By May 2005 when BMDI decided it was time to stop the campaign (the company was having a hard time keeping up with the amount of business the campaign brought in) the site was receiving over 375,000 hits a month!

And almost overnight, when the campaign ended in June 2005, site traffic plunged by over half to 150,000 hits a month and trailed down from there.

So how do you get in on the action? Visit Google, click on “Advertising Programs” and from there the site will guide you through the following steps.

  • Step One: Specify the languages and countries of potential customers you would like to target.
  • Step Two: Write your ad text. For this you must create a headline with a maximum of 25 characters and two lines of text which total no more than 95 characters. Also enter a URL to be displayed in the ad as well as a destination URL.
  • Step Three: Select keywords. Make sure that keywords are specific to your site to ensure the most relevant and cost-effective results. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and ask, “If I were a potential customer doing a Google search, what terms would I search for?”
  • Step Four: Chose your billing currency and set your maximum cost-per-click (CPC). Based on the keywords you chose, AdWords will calculate a suggested maximum CPC.
  • Step Five: Pick your daily budget. To do this, calculate what your monthly budget is and divide by the number of days in that month. The budget will help ensure maximum exposure of your ad throughout the day. Once you’ve exceeded your daily budget, your ad will not appear online again until the next day.
  • Step Six: Enter your email address and password, creating a new Google account. After doing so you’ll get an email asking you to verify your request and payment method.

After Step Six it’s time to just sit back and enjoy the ride—for a while at least. If you find that your site still isn’t getting hits or from looking at the status reports, you want to change your keywords as they’re not working for you or they’re costing you too much, you can.

Keep in mind that the more generic and commonly searched terms cost more per click than other less searched words. And remember, there’s no exact science to AdWord campaigns. Like playing the stock market, taking the time to figure it all out and become versed in the technique will pay off big time.

If you have any further questions or would like some help creating an AdWords campaign to get your site to rank higher in Google, please do not hesitate to call Internetrix on 1800 007 581 get in touch with Internetrix.