Firefox's Total Cookie Protection

C is for Cookie

Firefox has recently announced an exciting new update to their strict Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) settings. Dubbed Total Cookie Protection, a new feature that is designed to stop cookies from tracking users across the web by introducing a separate ‘cookie jar’ for every website. 

The way Total Cookie Protection works is that any time a website, or third-party content embedded in a website, deposits a cookie in your browser, that cookie is confined and assigned to that website so that data collected via the cookie is not allowed to be shared with any other website. 

Mozilla's Total Cookie Protection illustrated by Meghan NewellTotal Cookie Protection (Illustration: Meghan Newell) 

This can be enabled through Firefox’s Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection. Strict ETP currently allows users to increase their privacy by blocking:

  • Social media trackers
  • Cross-site cookies
  • Tracking content in all windows
  • Cryptominers
  • Fingerprinters

Keep in mind that whilst strict ETP makes pages load faster, it may also break buttons, forms, and login fields. 

TCP isn’t completely cookie-proof as it allows an exception to cross-site cookies that are needed for non-tracking purposes such as those used by third-party login providers. 

This new addition is Firefox’s way of adding strong and comprehensive protection to combat cookie tracking. 

And Cookie isn't for me

The Cookie Monster without a cookie isn't the same. The same can be said about marketers who rely on cookies for targeted-tracking, ads and programmatic advertising.

With the shift towards complete consumer data privacy, third-party cookie restrictions will have a direct impact on analytics and marketing. Moving forward, this will make it very difficult for marketers to collect data on their audiences across different channels, optimise existing strategies as well as determining the value of marketing investments. 

Marketers who have become dependent on (invasive) adtech will need to identify new ways to collect information on their audiences. It is now essential to explore opportunities that are privacy-aware in which strategies are not reliant on third-party cookies for detailed identifiable data. 

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To Wrap Things Up 

With all of this cookie talk, you'd think Internetrix is a team of qualified bakers, unfortunately, we are not. 

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