Internetrix earns federal government 'Endorsed Supplier Status'

Posted 15 years ago by Internetrix

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We are proud to announce that Internetrix is now an Australian Federal Government Endorsed Supplier. "Being endorsed by the Federal Government is a massive step forward for Internetrix because it recognises our extensive experience with the public sector, and the proven track record of our products for government clients," said Geoff McQueen, our Managing Director.




The Federal Endorsed Supplier Arrangement (ESA) is a pre-qualification scheme administered by the Department of Finance and Administration on behalf of the Australian Government. ESA began in 1994 with the aim of stimulating development of the Australian information technology, office machine and auctioneering industries.




To become an officially endorsed business, companies must go through a rigorous application process where they are required to satisfy endorsement and evaluation criteria as appropriate to their business sector. In order for Internetrix to be endorsed in the area of information technology, we had to demonstrate that we deliver high quality products and service compliance.




With the major objective of cutting the costs of doing business with the government, endorsed businesses reap a number of benefits. Internetrix now gets formal recognition that our business complies with ESA requirements, including our financial viability and stellar sales reputation. As well, being part of the ESA allows us to more easily promote the company to government agencies.




"We look forward to working with the all levels of Australian government in the future," said Geoff.