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Outlook Express is a free, lightweight email client for Windows computer systems. It supports email and also newsgroups, but lacks the scheduling and task management features of Outlook, part of the Office suite.

Here are three tips that we hope Outlook Express users will find make their lives a lot easier!

Getting Outlook Express
Unless you have a very fast internet connection, and/or lots of available downloads on your account, we recommend installing Outlook Express from a CD-ROM. As a free product, however, Microsoft does not provide boxed copies of the software to pick up from retail stores. The answer is purchasing one from a number of technology related magazines, such as Australia Personal Computer ( or PC Authority ( from your local newsagent - they come with a free CD on the front cover, which will contain the latest versions of this and other free software!

Backing Up Your Mail
Backing up your computer is something that all users should be in the habit of doing. The reality is, however, that most of us don't do it often enough, or if we do, we don't capture our important files. Some of the most important information to capture on your computer is your emails. These may save you pain in the future should you need to rely on them as evidence, and they also contain as attachments many of the documents you want to back up anyway. To make the process easier, Microsoft have written a detailed How-To for backing up your email from Outlook Express:;EN-US;Q188854

Including Stationary and Signatures
Many of our clients have commented positively on the signatures we use in our email messages. By including our logo as a watermark, and creating a simple and attractive signature block, we feel the professionalism of our email communications is improved. Microsoft have written a detailed How-To for using stationary (the way we get the watermark into email, as well as choosing the font for the text) in Outlook Express:;en-us;Q171245

If what you are looking for is just the signature block, this handy How-To for inserting a HTML signature might be what you are looking for:;en-us;Q170968

NB: In both of these How-To documents, it is expected that you have an HTML file for Stationary and Signature use ready to go. If you need some help creating one of these, Internetrix designers are more than capable. As a special offer, we will create a stationary template for your business based on your logo for only $95+GST. You can then quite easily change the details in the signature block and re-use it throughout your organisation!

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