Election 2004 - What's happening online?

Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

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At Internetrix, we like to see major events and wonder how the internet fits in. So this month, we thought we'd look at how the Federal Election is being played out in the online arena.

Official Coverage

There isn't a more official place for coverage of the election than the Australian Electoral Commission, which can be found at www.aec.gov.au. The Electoral Commission's website contains a fair amount of information - more than your average punter would need, but less than a political strategist is probably looking for - and is forecast to be one of the main places on the internet to get coverage of results as they come in after polls close on October 9th.

Unfortunately, from an official perspective, Australia is well behind other nations, like the United States, in the moves towards electronic voting. Some people might see this as a good thing - the US electronic voting machines have been called into serious question and have been the subject of various lawsuits. Having said that, I'd really prefer to be able to vote online if I had the choice - hopefully there'll be something happening in this field in another 4 years.

Media Coverage

There's nothing like an election (other than a war perhaps) to get the media into a frenzy of coverage from "every possible angle". Most media outlets have created special